Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summery Chic

Hello lovelies,
Its me! After months of MIA i m back.Last weekend me and my guy were aimlessly roaming the streets of Koramangala,when suddenly we decided to go to this place called Bak-Bak bar, but was too lazy to turn the car and go to lane( hate all one way street),so we ended up going to Fenny's,which is above Starbucks.We heard a lot of talk about their Wine bottle Chandelier which is made up with 1405 bottles.Its beautiful & you can see in picture number 2, althought i missed to take a good shot of it.We just ordered mocktails,a chicken starter ( Fenny's paprika chicken) & a Veg Pizza( Farmhouse) as we had our share of lunch few mins back.The decor is Mediterranean and its perfect for the ol' Bangalore weather.

Dress details:
Dress: Vero Moda
Belt & Glass: Pieces
Shoes: Gopalan Mall
Bag: Forver New


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