Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013

Dear All,
Hope everyone got their party shoes on to bid 2013 goodbye.Well its had been an eventful year & i look forward for 2014.So speaking of 2014,do we have any new year resolutions? I seriously doubt my ability to stick to any resolution i made in past years so new rule for me-"If i wanna change something,it
s better to start new-right here,right now."

Speaking of year end,the pictures were from Camping i went with friends yesterday,not the rough cook yourself camping but it was camping with well spread buffet.Can you still call sleeping outside in a tent under starry beautiful sky with bonfire a "CAMPING"? Works fine by me :)

Outfit details:

Pants: Denizen
Bag: Westside
Neon Statement necklace: Manila,Philipines

Ciao 2013


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