Sunday, September 8, 2013

A post too late

A post too late.

When i left blogging 1.8 years back,it was due to lack of time & new career.Looking back i am not proud of how i let it control my passion.Not a day have past where i dont regret my decision to stop blogging.Many post left in draft state where i could not muster courage to post it in fear of stopping again.Once i start blogging again,there wont be any looking back.Well the title a post too late.

Maybe i m not too late.Its never too late to make a change,to make a new decision,to fall in love,to start something.I feel rather inspired today.Maybe its the rain and the monsoon,start of new life.Being stuck inside the house my sister Pori took some pictures and i feel like sharing them.


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Anonymous said...

my princess. .....

greetings from your old admirer and fan.....

I always look into your blog to check any updates... but sadly since 2012, its been a long time since you gave any updates/pictures of your gracious self, princess. :)

I myself was away from the net for a long time, and today, when i came back, i , in my usual routine, looked into your blog, dear princess. and i must say I was pleasantly surprised to come across two newer blog posts by you.

Princess, time, i feel has no effect on your grace and beauty, and conspires to make you more divine with each passing second.

Congrats on your job(the new career you mention) and herez wishing you a great life ahead, my dear princess.

Your admirer...... forever