Sunday, January 29, 2012

Savour the moments

Hey everyone,
First of All, Happy new year to all fabulous people reading these post.Its late to wish HNY now but hey don't they say better late than never.Secondly, apologies for posting after 3 whole month.Phew its been a sad experience not able to post any update and been away from it for so many days but i got good reasons for that.
Anyways,started these year with new purchase,that being my Guess mother pearl dial watch and few other things too,which gonna be posted soon.I wore these amazing knitted & glittery dress to celebrate me & my guy's 4 month anniversary over Italian dinner.I am so excited about us.*Fingers crossed*

Dress Details:
Black Knitted Dress:Mango
Watch:Guess I90192L1

Anyone going to watch Agneepath.? Happy weekend.:)


Butterfly... :) said...

Congratulations for your 4-month anniversary! :) And secondly, looking lovely! <3 And yeah welcome back. Happy New Year to you too! :P

P.S. --- If you have the time then do check out my blog too and comment if you happen to like it and follow me too! :) I already follow you.


Kavita Sahu. said...

Great post... You look as lovely as ever... Come to Ghy soon... I miss you so much.... And Yup! Congrats on completing 4 months... Hope it lasts forever... :)

Nabanisha said...

@butterfly:hey dear thanx a lot..

@kavita:thanks a lot babes..i wanna meet u too...missing ghy and asn commerce walk.


thechicdairy said...

i just love the dress !! i want it like now !! and the glitter heels are gorgeous :) your looking lovely

new follower:)

hope you check out mine too :)

Anonymous said...

you are looking extremely charming, princess. a great sense of style, coupled with divine beauty and a rose-like innocence.
a fan as always.
long time back,
your admirer. :)

Anonymous said...

princess, i looked into your blog a long time later, and i just couldnt log out without one appreciation at least....... :)
dear princess, you are what i would term divinity in all its manifestation....... beauty is yours to adorn, and celebrate.....
your admirer... :)

Ioana-Carmen said...

This is so beautifuuuul! Check my blog and tell me if you wanna follow each other!! :X