Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hey Everyone,

As for my outfit,these is what i wore to work today and i love the fact that sunset out here at 10pm and its only 7:30pm now and i am going to explore the neighborhood.Ciao.!

Dress Details:
Skirt:Sea Mermaid
Shoes:Dubai Plaza
Coat:Missing the picture

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ray Of Hope

Greeting!Another week begins in a good note with a shivering morning and a rather sunny afternoon,after a scary spooky night.Looking ahead for this week and the places planned to visit, hope we get the tickets asap.
The first photo is the pair of Leopard print shoes i got from Trier and loved it so much.

Dress Details:
Shoes:Chink Mets

"Hope you have a great week ahead"

Taming the animal.

In my recent post,I must have mentioned my obsession with animal print pattern.Well,this is the outfit i wore last Friday(office casual wear day) and i though its worth documenting it in my blog,so heres the post decicate to my obsession with animal print pattern.

Dress Details:
Shoes:Dubai Plaza

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Bonjour Everyone,
I was so excited to go to small city called Trier in Germany yesterday that it was great place to shop,given the fact that i am buying something or the other from Luxembourg during the week.It was sunny and the place we were suppose to visit(the historical place)went for a toss as we were in the market place whole time .We had a great time even though it was raining yesterday night and we were dancing and shouting,in short a good Saturday night.

Dress Details:
Necklace:Dubai Plaza

"What are your weekend plans?"


Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey everyone,
I am posting my first work wear photo in the blog i wore last Wednesday.Its getting pretty cold out here and am shivering like anything.Even after pairing my sweater dress with a trench,i am still shaking as the temparature is dropping and hopefully the sunny side of the sun comes up during the weekend(fingers crossed).

Dress Details:
Shoes:Dubai Plaza


Bonjour Readers,
I loved the scenic beauty and the tranquility of these place and it reminds me so much of Shillong,although a cleaner and less polluted version.

These outfit is a Jumpsuit which i got just for the floral print and some of you must have known my obsession with prints,specially floral & animal print(My sisters got crazy with my current obsession with animal prints).I wore these after my first day at work out here and had a lil' photo session(say about 250 photo in 30 mins).Also,these heels in the last photo are my darlings and the most comfortable pair i ever owned,given the height of the heel.So,keeping the post short,I am going to give the details:

Dress Details:
Jumpsuit:Dubai Plaza
Shoes:Dubai Plaza

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Hey Readers,
Sorry for being such a bad blogger and for being in M.I.A. for so long.I have some good news.I am so excited and my family is here with me in Bangalore.So with tons of planning and shopping(which is yet to be done).Yesterday,I went for shopping directly from office and then take away dinner in Kfc(i dont have time to have a proper sit down dinner).I recent;y bought some outfits,tops & bags which are yet to be posted.

Dress Details:
Dress:Showoff(borrowed from my sis)
Skirt:Sea Mermaid
Bag:MM(Missing in the photo)

Sorry for poor quality photos,i dint have my camera with me.