Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey Readers,
I have so busy these week.I joined my office & since Monday,By the time i reach home,i completely drained of energy and just want to climb in my bed and sleep till the alarm rudely wake me in the morning and again i have to rush to work.So,unless i figure out and get used to the time schedule,my blog is getting affected because of that.I want to apologize for that and when i got a day off these Saturday,i took the oppurtionity to sleep whole day and wake up late.I had a great weekend as my friend Rahul came to visit Bangalore and we(Me,Rahul,Chetan & Cyrus)went for dinner & ice cream on Saturday night & then movie called "Shaitan" on Sunday and then lunch & a bowling game later.I liked the movie thou.Have anyone of you watched it..??
I also went to watch "Kung-Fu Panda-2" again last monday.I loved each bit of the movie and will definetly be watching it again & again.I can't get over the fact how cute lil' Po was when i was a baby..:))

I wanted to wear something comfy and yet something a slightly dressup,i wore these outfit:
Dress Details:
Top:Sung Wai,Malysia
Skirt:Sea Mermaid

"Which latest movies have you guys watched lately..?""



perkkish said...

u look great....n how was d movie shaitan

sandeep.aba said...

What is TGIS?

Nabanisha said...

@Perkkish:Nanu i m missing u a lot...Shaitan was a great movie...somewhat da language was lik Dum amro dum(u kno what i mean)...

@sandeep:T.G.I.S for Thank god its Sunday....btw congrats on ur job..

sandeep.aba said...

Thanx sis... may b nxt week i'll also hav 2 say TGIS.

Jahn 'n Style said...

last movie I watched was Hangover 2.... thank you for stopping by my blog!! I was taking a break from blogging, so the late reply!! i kike your blog, following you now :):)

btw, I'm passing on the "Lovely Blogger" award to you. check here -

seshu prasad Punyasri said...

you look great