Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graciously Graduated

Hey Readers,
I am enjoying my last few days before work starts and i m quite nervous with what to wear to work.I am thinking of a nice formal dress in grey pinstripes but have to put my idea in hold as i am not sure whether it will be allowed or not.I got these pants & ruched electric blue scarf yesterday when i had an eventful day with lot of confusion but it ended in a good note.My initial and the work of the day got cancelled and i went for movie "Kung fu Panda 2" as an alternate and between the movie,i came to know that my 6th semester results were out and i scored 73.6% .I was so excited i couldn't watch the movie(would be going again for it thought) and whole time i was texting & calling my friends and i am now a so called "Graduate".I am so happy for everyone & it feels good to be called as a grad.So,these is what happening in my life,you can call it drama but it surely add spices to my life.

Also i can't begin to describe Bangalore pleasant climate.While rest of India is going through sweltering heat,i ,along with fellow Bangloreans,are enjoying cloudy & windy days and it feels so good(hope you don't wanna kill me now).I could have paired a cropped jacket with my outfit without sweating like a pig,but i wanted something cool and breezy,hence the straight cut pants & electric blue scarf for the pop of color.Last year i had a bad obsession with electric blue and no one can explain this craze better than Shrizu..I miss her a ton..So back to my dress details

Dress Details:
Shoes:From Shilling
Cuff:College yard sale



Anonymous said...

Congrats on your graduation! Wish you all the best in your job!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Miss when is the treat?

Nabanisha said...

@sajeevkmenon:thanx a lot...

@sushil:thanx....treat cumin soon..:)

ClassyandFabulous said...

i really like ur scarf, loving the colour and the last picture of you is damn nice