Monday, June 20, 2011


Hey Readers,
I have so busy these week.I joined my office & since Monday,By the time i reach home,i completely drained of energy and just want to climb in my bed and sleep till the alarm rudely wake me in the morning and again i have to rush to work.So,unless i figure out and get used to the time schedule,my blog is getting affected because of that.I want to apologize for that and when i got a day off these Saturday,i took the oppurtionity to sleep whole day and wake up late.I had a great weekend as my friend Rahul came to visit Bangalore and we(Me,Rahul,Chetan & Cyrus)went for dinner & ice cream on Saturday night & then movie called "Shaitan" on Sunday and then lunch & a bowling game later.I liked the movie thou.Have anyone of you watched it..??
I also went to watch "Kung-Fu Panda-2" again last monday.I loved each bit of the movie and will definetly be watching it again & again.I can't get over the fact how cute lil' Po was when i was a baby..:))

I wanted to wear something comfy and yet something a slightly dressup,i wore these outfit:
Dress Details:
Top:Sung Wai,Malysia
Skirt:Sea Mermaid

"Which latest movies have you guys watched lately..?""


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey Readers,
I hope everyone is having a great weekend and specially with these type of weather,i don't want my weekend to get over(Note.Wishful Thinking)..Anyways,work starts from tomorrow and i am getting nervous jitters,well not so nervous but yeah excited..:D..In my last post,i wrote that i am getting confused with what to wear to work,well i am planning to go for formal shirt & pants(its safe and within couple of days i can figure out what else i can wear out there).Anyways as i am writing these post,i am also organizing all my documents needed for tomorrow and i wore these outfit to temple,some random chores & lunch with Cyrus & Chetan in Chung Wah and later ice cream & mall activity..I am missing rest of the group so much(and yeah by group i mean Shrizu,Pratik,Neha & Dhaval..guys come back soon).Other than the weather,Bangalore is getting depressing without you guys...Miss you a lot..:((..
As for my outfit,I wanted to wear something classy and timeless,as i paired my DIY polka dots tee with basic straight cut pants with pearls,winged liner,quilted bag & sunnies..It would have been better if my hair was up in a bun,rite...what do you guys think..??

Dress Details:



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graciously Graduated

Hey Readers,
I am enjoying my last few days before work starts and i m quite nervous with what to wear to work.I am thinking of a nice formal dress in grey pinstripes but have to put my idea in hold as i am not sure whether it will be allowed or not.I got these pants & ruched electric blue scarf yesterday when i had an eventful day with lot of confusion but it ended in a good note.My initial and the work of the day got cancelled and i went for movie "Kung fu Panda 2" as an alternate and between the movie,i came to know that my 6th semester results were out and i scored 73.6% .I was so excited i couldn't watch the movie(would be going again for it thought) and whole time i was texting & calling my friends and i am now a so called "Graduate".I am so happy for everyone & it feels good to be called as a grad.So,these is what happening in my life,you can call it drama but it surely add spices to my life.

Also i can't begin to describe Bangalore pleasant climate.While rest of India is going through sweltering heat,i ,along with fellow Bangloreans,are enjoying cloudy & windy days and it feels so good(hope you don't wanna kill me now).I could have paired a cropped jacket with my outfit without sweating like a pig,but i wanted something cool and breezy,hence the straight cut pants & electric blue scarf for the pop of color.Last year i had a bad obsession with electric blue and no one can explain this craze better than Shrizu..I miss her a ton..So back to my dress details

Dress Details:
Shoes:From Shilling
Cuff:College yard sale


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Hey Readers,
Nothing new update in my life as of now.But heres a good news-my own sister is coming for her undergraduate studies to Bangalore and no one is quite excited as i am,which means tons of fun & frolic together,I hope my office work won't hamper the sisters fun...Today i went for a movie called "Pyar ka Punchnama",a typical Hindi movie based in love and its complications..It was quite funny with witty dialogue and worth every penny.On the serious note i rarely like going for movies,I have a strange taste in movies.Many people find it strange indeed and shrug off when i say i liked a particular movie(which was criticized by the public).So keeping my weird taste aside,i am keeping these post short.

Dress Details:
Top:White tank from River Inc
Jacket:White eyelet cropped jacket
Shoes:Hot Pink studded pumps
Necklace:B'day gift 


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hey Readers,
I guess most of you know that i got a job in Jp Morgan and will be joining them from 13th June.So,these days i am having butterflies in my stomach and i will be the first in my family to join the corporate world(I belong to a joint family with 18 members and everyone is into business and their own ventures).Also being the eldest in my whole family,everyone of them is looking forward to my new adventure and since my whole family is into business,i am rather clueless how the whole corporate world works..?? Any Advice from you guys..???Anyways i wore these outfit for mall and it was quite cloudy,so had to ditch my dress,which initially i was planning to wear,for these soft knitted top & jeans.Here are the dress details:

Dress Details:
Top:Red & white Knitted top from Showoff
Bottoms:Gift from Mom


Monday, June 6, 2011

Good News

Hey Readers,
I got some good news for you.Remember in my last post i said that i am looking for jobs and going for interviews.Well, i was offered the post of Team member in Global Fund agency at JP Morgan.Initially the designation of team member does sound small but i got a good start at a good well reputed company and hence these post is dedicated to all my readers who wished my luck.A big thank you to you guys and i want to share the good news with you.I love you guys.Thanks for your support.