Friday, May 6, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Hey Readers,
I am posting two post in  a day as i have exams.My favorite color ever will be Pink as its very feminine and a color of strength.I also love other colors too like Red,for the passionate vibe,Blue,for its serene and calming vibe & lastly,White for its peacefulness.I love the outfit color-Pink & Gold,as i am so obsessed with the color gold these days.I could have opted for silver accessories but my heart & mind was screaming to go for gold.
So keeping in mind my upcoming International Finance exam on Saturday,I am cutting short these post as given a chance i will go on & on about my love for Gold these days.

Dress Details
Bag:Coral Pink Quilted Bag
Necklace:Gold Layering Necklace(i love them to death)
Earring: Golden 


ClassyandFabulous said...

wow i love that necklace

Nabanisha said...

@c&f:thanx a lot dear..