Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey Readers,
My exams are going on just fine,it was really worth pulling those all nighter study and attempting the paper next day.Today i had Cost & Finance Analysis(CFA) and really had a great time solving the paper cause unlike others i just practiced previous exam papers and seriously i was not worth even doing that also,after all being studying accounts for last 5 years makes it easy like drinking water...lolz..I am quite nerdy girl who loves attending classes & actually listening to what the professors have to say..Now back to my other subject of being obsessed i.e fashion.I and my friends decided to go out for casual dinner and since its gonna be a few of our last dinner out,i wanted to dress up and go,but alas my sleepless face dint permit to look good,here i am in a humble outfit of black & white with a pop of pink as i dint wanna be caught dead in that pale face in any other color.

Dress Details
Skirt:Sea Mermaid
Shoes:99 pumps
Belt:Mega mart

Thank You all for commenting & following


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kuldeep said...

stop pulling dose hair!!! yeah......dats al i can say!!!! bakki no words left 2 comment! outstanding.......fulltophtak!!!
and de upper black n white click! rocking!!! :)