Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey readers,
Many of you know that i am in last year of my graduation and was taking my exams,which was over on 12th and these photos are of that day,Please forgive my laziness of posting them lately but i have so busy with bidding farewell to all my dear friends.Well,its very hard but thats part of life.
So keeping these post short cause of tears lurking in my eyes over the fond & bitter-sweet memories.

Dress Details:
Top:Bukit Bintang,Malaysia
Shirt:Sea Mermaid
Shoes:Peep Toe unknown
On Nails:Lakme True color 252

1 comment:

rahul agarwal said...

this photos r the memories of college life... happy bcz i met new good frds in my college life like u sb n many more n sad for leaving frds n going..