Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Hey Readers,
I am posting a couple of photos that my friend Shrizu clicked when we were hanging out in a cafe after exams yesterday.


Anonymous said...

nabanisha, you are a goddess.....
----an admirer

Anonymous said...

Dear nabanisha.
How are you, beautiful princess? :)
i am visiting your blog after a long hiatus. Was busy in my job for some time.
Otherwise the first thing i would do while logging in for the first time would be to have a glimpse of your divine beauty,
as well as log out of the internet only after looking at your exquisitely charming pics here.
PS: I do keep glimpsing at your blog and pictures time and again during the day. Cant stop myself. sorry. Dear princess, tough to stop doing so:)

Seems you are busy in your life too. Havent uploaded anything new since a long time. Well, thats a norm. Good times do fly. :)

Anyways,dear Nabanisha.Wishing you all the best in your life and job. Hope you remain smiling forever.and as beautiful & young as you are, my angelic princess... :) :)

your old(and forever) admirer. .....