Thursday, May 26, 2011

Job Hunting

Hey readers,
I am posting after a long time cause i am still catching up in my sleep i missed during my exams and biding farewell to friends.Now i have to gather energy for getting a job hunting,although i went for an interview but yet to get a call from HR,keeping my finger crossed for that,cause frankly that one interview drained me and i am lazy enough to apply else where.So please wished my good luck in that.Anyways these photos are from today where i gathered energy to dress up and below are the dress details-

Dress Details:
Heels:Gift from mom
Necklace:Thrifted from Brigade Road
Earring:From Jayanagar
On my Nails:Lakme True Color 252

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I got a Real Life Princess


Hey Readers,

I gotta tell you somethings,I got a Real Life Princess in my life and this post is dedicated to her.The Princess i am talking about is my dear college friend,Shrizu.I met her in these precious 3 years college life journey and trust me it was great knowing such a valuable person in life.The way she talk,the way she understand and the way she is there for you is just over whelming and i will surely treasure such a friend for lifetime.Being a fellow Pisces,we bonded over many things and i will miss her a lot.I love her style, easy nature and many more..Love you a lot Shrizu aka lb...i am missing you a lot..


Hey readers,
Many of you know that i am in last year of my graduation and was taking my exams,which was over on 12th and these photos are of that day,Please forgive my laziness of posting them lately but i have so busy with bidding farewell to all my dear friends.Well,its very hard but thats part of life.
So keeping these post short cause of tears lurking in my eyes over the fond & bitter-sweet memories.

Dress Details:
Top:Bukit Bintang,Malaysia
Shirt:Sea Mermaid
Shoes:Peep Toe unknown
On Nails:Lakme True color 252

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Hey Readers,
I am posting a couple of photos that my friend Shrizu clicked when we were hanging out in a cafe after exams yesterday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hey Readers,
My exams are going on just fine,it was really worth pulling those all nighter study and attempting the paper next day.Today i had Cost & Finance Analysis(CFA) and really had a great time solving the paper cause unlike others i just practiced previous exam papers and seriously i was not worth even doing that also,after all being studying accounts for last 5 years makes it easy like drinking water...lolz..I am quite nerdy girl who loves attending classes & actually listening to what the professors have to say..Now back to my other subject of being obsessed i.e fashion.I and my friends decided to go out for casual dinner and since its gonna be a few of our last dinner out,i wanted to dress up and go,but alas my sleepless face dint permit to look good,here i am in a humble outfit of black & white with a pop of pink as i dint wanna be caught dead in that pale face in any other color.

Dress Details
Skirt:Sea Mermaid
Shoes:99 pumps
Belt:Mega mart

Thank You all for commenting & following


Friday, May 6, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Hey Readers,
I am posting two post in  a day as i have exams.My favorite color ever will be Pink as its very feminine and a color of strength.I also love other colors too like Red,for the passionate vibe,Blue,for its serene and calming vibe & lastly,White for its peacefulness.I love the outfit color-Pink & Gold,as i am so obsessed with the color gold these days.I could have opted for silver accessories but my heart & mind was screaming to go for gold.
So keeping in mind my upcoming International Finance exam on Saturday,I am cutting short these post as given a chance i will go on & on about my love for Gold these days.

Dress Details
Bag:Coral Pink Quilted Bag
Necklace:Gold Layering Necklace(i love them to death)
Earring: Golden 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Between exams

Hey readers,
I know i have not been posting but I have been struggling with my exams and yeah after facing my two paper (M.I.S and Financial Markets & Services),I needed something to unwind.So after my FMS exams yesterday,me and Shrizu went to newly opened nearby mall and decided to get some pizza and retail therapy.Then we have been joined by two of our crazy friends,Chetan & Pratik  as they needed some shopping ideas.Then went to a gaming zone in the mall and then dinner afterwards and not to mention embarrassing photos with Mc. Donald's Ronald Donald.God it really helped unwinding from all the exam stress.

P.s: I have been reading your lovely comments.Thanks for your time and support.

Dress Details:
Tank:Shoppers Stop
Bottoms:Jeggings(Gift from Mom)
Eiffle Tower Chain:Brigade
Shoes:Rubber shoes 

Photos from the Day: