Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jewelery Organizer....

Hey Readers,
I guess many of you don't know that i stay about 3000+kms away from my home for my college education,so  living in a room with basic amenities can quite be tough from the home's walk-in-closet and jewelery box,so mostly my stuff is cramped in a small closet(well not so small compared to my other friends,still).
So i am showing you how i organised my small pendents and chains in these adorable chocolate box..Yes,i meant chocolate box,those cute box with golden wrapped heavenly tasting chocolates.Those boxes are quite useful to keep stuff such as earrings,brooches, rosettes etc and plus these have good sturdy cover and box too..

Enjoy organizing your jewelry my way.



Angeeta said...

Nyc..Hoping 2 c some mr inovativ ideas f stckng stufs..

perkkish said...

i love your collection