Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hope loss..

Hey Readers,
Today is new year according to my culture and we call it "Bohag/Rongali Bihu.So,being 3000+kms away from home i have no other option than to sit and sulk about missing all the 4 days celebration action back at home.Generally,at these time we all exchange gifts and thank everyone for being there in our life and the way they make it beautiful(its kinda Christmas & thanksgiving as a combo)therefore,i am waiting for my gift from home(listen ma..!!) and thanks foe my adorable and supporting family to be there for me.Anyways,I wore these casual laid back outfit for going out to eat momo nearby,as they are one of my favorite food which reminds me so much of home.

Dress Details
Top:White tank 
Bottoms:Lycra Leggings
Shoes: Rockster
Silk Scarf:Gift from an company i worked with.
Bag:ITS (i am looking for some real big portfolio clutches which is so rare out here.)
Sunnies: Fasttrack

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