Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shower Some Flower

Hey Readers,
How are you doing..?
Yesterday i along with my friends went for a outing as our exams are approaching and we hardly have 20 days with each other and for college life to end(sighh..!!).We went to a place called "Art of Living" Located about 45 kms from my place.It was place for meditation and its being headed by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.We had so much fun,jumping like fools, reading tarots and lunch, hopping around in the ground,rolling in the grass etc etc. After few hours in AOL,we went to Pyramid which is another place for meditation.We hardly meditate for like 5 mins,when all of us couldn't control our laughs cause one guy felt asleep(imagine..) so went trekking around the pyramid and the view was worth walking for 2 kms.Plus the trip din"t end there,we got drenched in rain and after coming back to city we went to watch latest realesed bollywood movie"Dum Maro Dum".We ended up having a blast  and memories of lifetime.

Dress Details:
Dress:Floral Print Dress from Showoff
Bag:Quilted Bag
Shoes:Ballerina Flats from Shillong
Necklace:Fan Necklace from Jayanagar

Photos From the Day:

me & Shrizu

Indian Namakskar

again me & shrizu

Shrizu & her tarots
L-R:Chetan,Shrizu,Pratik,Cyrus & me

Pratik,Chetan,Cyrus & Shrizu

P.S:Thank you guys,I ended up having a gala time.


kumar pratik said...

Thanx 2 evry 1... present der...!!! v all had a gr8 tym togther....

mimi said...

these pictures are so cute! you look like you were having so much fun. i LOVE your purse too