Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Changing Her Spots..

Hey Readers,
 I hope you guys are having a gala time and here i am getting drowned in my course syllabus(sigh..!!).Studies still make me wonder when will i grow up and wont have to take any exams.These are supposedly my last exams as next two years i am planning to work and after that i am going to pursue my MBA.I couldn't stop imaging myself sassing with a business suits & a LV Vernis Alma bag,Jimmy Choo sandals & Prada sunnies .Anyways,i was getting distracted and couldn't study anymore,so went for a pizza lunch at Dominoes and ice cream sundaes at Swensens.I wanted to wear something casual & laid back and also something chic.

I have a soft spot for any kind of animal print along with floral print & polka dots.I literally drove my friends crazy with my want to find the perfect dress in animal print.When i saw these dress, i was fist banging with Shrizu and could not control my excitement.
Anyways,back again to my ugly books.

Dress Details:
Top:Animal Print top(dress worn as top) Showoff
Bottoms:Sea Mermaid skirt
Shos:Flats from Shillong
Necklace:B'day Gift

Photos from Swensens:


kuldeep jachak said...

awww de dessert, jaws dropped.....!
u to look beuatiful....no wrds to express nabanisha, and all de best fo exams......:D ;)

Sybil Kot Designs said...

Cute work outfit! You have such a pretty smile : )

perkkish said...

picture perfect