Friday, April 29, 2011

Organic Thoughts is now on Facebook

Hey Readers,
I am glad to inform you that Organic Thoughts is now on Facebook.Click here to like it.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hey Readers,

I hope you know that my exams are here,so no outfit post.I struggled a lot thinking should i post these photos or not..!! Then i thought,my blog defines who i am & what i like and what i do in my day to day life.So here i am posting some photos taken by me of Sunsets.I love sunsets,even sunrise but i am lazy and cant wake up early to take sunrise photos,so pardon me.Have a look below:

Stripes On Stripes

Hey Readers,
Hope you all are having a great day.I wanted the try the "Print on Print" trend for so long,so when i went to my near by market to get some dress materials for my designs,i had to wear these.My exams are from next Monday,god know what i am gonna do. So heres a quick post,i am wearing a olive green striped top it got ages ago but never wore,paired it with pinstriped shorts and some flats,sunnies and some cash & sunscreen and i am  out of the door.

Dress Details:
Bottoms:Pin-striped Shorts
Necklace: Splash

P.S:I got 2 amazing animal print material,soon to be turned into a dress.Watch these post for them.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A girl of style: Nabanisha « Fashion Slave

Hey Readers,
I have been featured in the following blog-A girl of style: Nabanisha « Fashion Slave.Please check it out.

Changing Her Spots..

Hey Readers,
 I hope you guys are having a gala time and here i am getting drowned in my course syllabus(sigh..!!).Studies still make me wonder when will i grow up and wont have to take any exams.These are supposedly my last exams as next two years i am planning to work and after that i am going to pursue my MBA.I couldn't stop imaging myself sassing with a business suits & a LV Vernis Alma bag,Jimmy Choo sandals & Prada sunnies .Anyways,i was getting distracted and couldn't study anymore,so went for a pizza lunch at Dominoes and ice cream sundaes at Swensens.I wanted to wear something casual & laid back and also something chic.

I have a soft spot for any kind of animal print along with floral print & polka dots.I literally drove my friends crazy with my want to find the perfect dress in animal print.When i saw these dress, i was fist banging with Shrizu and could not control my excitement.
Anyways,back again to my ugly books.

Dress Details:
Top:Animal Print top(dress worn as top) Showoff
Bottoms:Sea Mermaid skirt
Shos:Flats from Shillong
Necklace:B'day Gift

Photos from Swensens:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shower Some Flower

Hey Readers,
How are you doing..?
Yesterday i along with my friends went for a outing as our exams are approaching and we hardly have 20 days with each other and for college life to end(sighh..!!).We went to a place called "Art of Living" Located about 45 kms from my place.It was place for meditation and its being headed by Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.We had so much fun,jumping like fools, reading tarots and lunch, hopping around in the ground,rolling in the grass etc etc. After few hours in AOL,we went to Pyramid which is another place for meditation.We hardly meditate for like 5 mins,when all of us couldn't control our laughs cause one guy felt asleep(imagine..) so went trekking around the pyramid and the view was worth walking for 2 kms.Plus the trip din"t end there,we got drenched in rain and after coming back to city we went to watch latest realesed bollywood movie"Dum Maro Dum".We ended up having a blast  and memories of lifetime.

Dress Details:
Dress:Floral Print Dress from Showoff
Bag:Quilted Bag
Shoes:Ballerina Flats from Shillong
Necklace:Fan Necklace from Jayanagar

Photos From the Day:

me & Shrizu

Indian Namakskar

again me & shrizu

Shrizu & her tarots
L-R:Chetan,Shrizu,Pratik,Cyrus & me

Pratik,Chetan,Cyrus & Shrizu

P.S:Thank you guys,I ended up having a gala time.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Can't Be Tamed

Hey Readers,
How are you guys doing.? I am really having a bad 21,ever since my birthday last month.Yesterday i fell down in stairs when i slipped in the rain puddle and got back pain and its killing me.At the bad time i am glad that  friends are there to take care of me.So after taking tons of medicine,i was able to go to nearby restaurant for late lunch.I am wearing my newest tank dress with stocking(as its too hot to wear pants and rainy to wear shorts).Simple look paired with my flats,quilted bag and DIYnecklace.I love the 3rd photo with my new sunnies …i look glam in it or is it just me who was thinking.? Oh god i think i have hurted my head in the fall..

Have a great day

Dress Details:
Shoes: Rockster
Bag: Birthday gift
Sunnies: Idee
Necklace:DIY from an earring.

Monday, April 18, 2011

I heart Bags..

Hey Readers,

"A womes's life is mystical and intriguing as her content of her bags""-me.

With hardly two weeks to go for my last exams,which is standing me and my graduation,i am scared and sad for these three years of graduation coming to an end and hence a new chapter gonna open in my life after all these memories.Most of my friends have opted for MBA and me,along with a few more are planning to work just for mere reason of getting experience and hopes of entering a good B-school.I am staying home and studying(raised eyebrows,i guess) so therefore there is no outfit post but here is a post featuring my favorite bags from my closet.I was and always will be a bag person,i always carry them even if i have to go the nearby grocery shop.I love the way they can make an outfit.So,here the post featuring me favorite bags.Now back to my books.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Wear Red Wear Hope

Hey Readers,
I hope everyone is having a great time and a hearty "Happy Bihu" to you.With the wake of recent disaster in Japan,fellow chictopians and blogger Style Voyager & Style Nomad decided to do something for the Japan relief here i am joining the cause by wearing something red, the symbol of Japan,showing my support for those devastated by the crisis in Japan.Please Join the cause and make a donation for the relief fund.It been one month since the disaster but still will change our life forever.

One positive thing happened today,it rained today(first rain of the year) in Bangalore and i being a Pisces,hence belonging to water symbol just love water in any form,in these case it being rain(you can't call rain,it was more of a drizzle,but i am not complaining).Thank you water god,you made me very happy today.

Dress Details:
Dress:Grey Lace Dress(birthday gift from friend)
Bottoms:Lycra stockings

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hope loss..

Hey Readers,
Today is new year according to my culture and we call it "Bohag/Rongali Bihu.So,being 3000+kms away from home i have no other option than to sit and sulk about missing all the 4 days celebration action back at home.Generally,at these time we all exchange gifts and thank everyone for being there in our life and the way they make it beautiful(its kinda Christmas & thanksgiving as a combo)therefore,i am waiting for my gift from home(listen ma..!!) and thanks foe my adorable and supporting family to be there for me.Anyways,I wore these casual laid back outfit for going out to eat momo nearby,as they are one of my favorite food which reminds me so much of home.

Dress Details
Top:White tank 
Bottoms:Lycra Leggings
Shoes: Rockster
Silk Scarf:Gift from an company i worked with.
Bag:ITS (i am looking for some real big portfolio clutches which is so rare out here.)
Sunnies: Fasttrack

Jewelery Organizer....

Hey Readers,
I guess many of you don't know that i stay about 3000+kms away from my home for my college education,so  living in a room with basic amenities can quite be tough from the home's walk-in-closet and jewelery box,so mostly my stuff is cramped in a small closet(well not so small compared to my other friends,still).
So i am showing you how i organised my small pendents and chains in these adorable chocolate box..Yes,i meant chocolate box,those cute box with golden wrapped heavenly tasting chocolates.Those boxes are quite useful to keep stuff such as earrings,brooches, rosettes etc and plus these have good sturdy cover and box too..

Enjoy organizing your jewelry my way.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Life thru rose colored glass.

Hey Readers,i know forgive me for being a irregular blogger,these days are so hot that i don't feel like going anywhere and even if i do,its only after sunset or evening or night but that time the photos don't turn up good   :(( .Anyways today i had my finance specialization project viva and i was damn scared but it went on very well...yayy i was shouting in my head while coming out of the exam room.So happy..So i wore these for lunch with friends to a favorite Chinese restaurant,Chung Wah after the exams.I wanted something casual yet relaxing after the grueling night yesterday preparing for the exam..

Dress Details
Skirt:Sea Mermaid

Photos From Lunch: