Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hey Readers,
Hope you are having a great time of your life.Recently with all the farewell planning and stuff for my college,i came to realize people what they seem in face are not actually what they are from their heart.We had to struggle a lot for the farewell party with support from few batch mate which is really shameful.If any of you are reading these,please understand what four of us going through.You wouldnot like the same happen to you,right.??
Anyways apart from the sad reality,i am happy that there are a few people from my college life i would remember through out my life for their support and honesty,which contribute for what i am today.

So,these is a photo of me from last week,as i dint get time to post it,so i am posting it today.
I am thankful to my creative friend & photographer Shrizu and as a token of appreciation i am posting her photo,where she is wearing a dress designed by her.

Dress Details:
Jeans:Gift from Mom
Bag:Gift from Cyrus

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bohemian Spring

Hey Readers,
Hope you are having a great day.Today me along with couple of my friends was planning for our farewell party( the usual making of budget,deciding the venue,theme & dress code  etc etc),the whole time we were deciding we were clicking away random photos ranging from weird to good sensible ones.
So i decided to pose for a few shots for my blog and my friend Shrizu was sweet to take these shots outside our college entrance.The hair band in the photos are actually bag strap from my birthday gift from Cyrus, Loved the strap to death,i am using it as a belt,hair band & necklace,who could have thoughts that a bag strap could be used for multi-purpose(maybe this is a sign that i am more obsessed with fashion than my graduation honors in finance,shame on me right..!!)

Dress Details
Jeggings: Gift from Mom
Necklace:It was a bag charm 
Bag: Black Quilted gift from Cyrus

P.s:I am so in love with these dress pattern,these is the third time i am wearing it but first time i am clicking photos as i was so busy last couple of weeks.
These Dress totally screams "Spring is here""


Twenties Girl..

Irritated when the candles was getting lighted again continuous blowing

my mom bangle

In my last post,i told you expect my birthday photos but sadly many got deleted before it got transfered to my laptop..:(( super sad i know,so i am gonna post whatever photos left of the night

Dress Details
Dress:Sea Mermaid
Belt: Unknown From Malaysia
Shoes:Gifted by mom
Clutch:Mega Mart

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Dash of Pink..

Hey Readers,
I know I am posting after a long period but lately i have been busy with tons of work like my semester project work,dance competion(for which we practiced and got selected in auditions,but sadly din't perform in the finals),my birthday and my my family was here to visit me.It was a crazy week,i hardly had time to sleep,but since everything is over now i can post in my dear blog.

So,back to fashion business,these photos are from my friend birthday party,which was yesterday.We had sit down casual dinner and it was a good way to unwind from the crazy week.I am throwing my birthday party tonight,so expect tons of photos tomorrow.

                                                                      Dress Details:
Top:Unknown(its actually a dress)
Skirt:Sea Mermaid
Shoes:Ninety Nine
Clutch:Not shown in the the photo
Accessories: Splash

Photos From the night:

Shrizu & My Birthday cake.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day..

"A woman is an emblem of beauty; an enigma that harbors a myriad thoughts and emotions within the crucible of privacy. She drives you crazy, and yet one cannot fathom how insipid the world would be without her."-Unknown.

Happy Women's Day to all my lovely readers.These post is for all the lovely ladies who are there in my life & who inspire me when i really need,wipe my tears when i am upset,talk nonsense about random stuff,yet knows when to let the hair down & have fun.From the endless shopping to crying over issues,you ladies make me a person who i am today.

L-R- my sister pori & mom

Pori & Granny

My Aunt-Minakshi

L-R:- Angeeta,Kuntala & me
(BFF for 16 years)

L-R:-Sangeeta,Barbie,Sneha,Tuki,Princy & Simpi.
(my school friends)

L.R-Neha,Tarali,me,Anu,Shrizu,Neha,Pranami & Madhu.
(My college ladies)



Thursday, March 3, 2011



Finally March is here..i am so glad spring is here,the climate is
moderate out here,so i paired my long forgotten white checked top with my basic Levis jeans with flats,faux leather tote,splash necklace & wooden bangles
Hope you are enjoying 1st day of spring

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

spring is here..

Dear Spring,
Finally you are here,I waited for you so long.

On the serious note i waited for sping to come,Its my favorite season of the year.The sight new bloom of flowers,fresh mist on grass,sound of cuckoo makes me go aww..It touch my heart with such sights & sounds.Maybe its favorite for another reason as our exams used to get over at these time when  i used to be younger (notice how sarcastically i used "when i was younger" ,even though i am just 20 years old,i feel i have become old for some reason)and we used to have a long break and a new term.Anyways,I feel bad for my siblings & cousins who are busy with their exams when i am enjoying free time(happy to be old) . Anyways overload with details,lets get back to fashion business.

Dress Details:
Top: Presence
Pants: Levis jeans
Shoes: Unknown(found them when i was cleaning my wardrobe)
Bag: Kiara