Tuesday, March 1, 2011

spring is here..

Dear Spring,
Finally you are here,I waited for you so long.

On the serious note i waited for sping to come,Its my favorite season of the year.The sight new bloom of flowers,fresh mist on grass,sound of cuckoo makes me go aww..It touch my heart with such sights & sounds.Maybe its favorite for another reason as our exams used to get over at these time when  i used to be younger (notice how sarcastically i used "when i was younger" ,even though i am just 20 years old,i feel i have become old for some reason)and we used to have a long break and a new term.Anyways,I feel bad for my siblings & cousins who are busy with their exams when i am enjoying free time(happy to be old) . Anyways overload with details,lets get back to fashion business.

Dress Details:
Top: Presence
Pants: Levis jeans
Shoes: Unknown(found them when i was cleaning my wardrobe)
Bag: Kiara


Anonymous said...

Very springy outfit! Love your shopper bag :)

Anna Bonfiglio said...

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