Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summery Chic

Hello lovelies,
Its me! After months of MIA i m back.Last weekend me and my guy were aimlessly roaming the streets of Koramangala,when suddenly we decided to go to this place called Bak-Bak bar, but was too lazy to turn the car and go to lane( hate all one way street),so we ended up going to Fenny's,which is above Starbucks.We heard a lot of talk about their Wine bottle Chandelier which is made up with 1405 bottles.Its beautiful & you can see in picture number 2, althought i missed to take a good shot of it.We just ordered mocktails,a chicken starter ( Fenny's paprika chicken) & a Veg Pizza( Farmhouse) as we had our share of lunch few mins back.The decor is Mediterranean and its perfect for the ol' Bangalore weather.

Dress details:
Dress: Vero Moda
Belt & Glass: Pieces
Shoes: Gopalan Mall
Bag: Forver New


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine day

Hello Fellas,
I hope you had a great (or bad) valentine day.I had a great late valentine celebration with my guy over the weekend.We both love eating and specially Italian cuisine,so we headed to VIA MILANO in Kormagala to celebrate. Oh did i tell you i got promoted recently too.So thats pretty much update from my side,apologies for the bad quality pictures,i dint carry my camera & the lighning dint help the phone camera,i could fnd only 3 clear pictures.Tell me how you celebrated.

Dress Details:
Shoes:Gopalan Mall
Glasses:Vincent chase

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cupid Struck

Hello Everyone,

This is not an outfit post.I am writing to share my latest take on the world( in my head,definetly).Me and my sister presents you "Cupid Struck",which will aim at finding the perfect gift for your occasions.

Do drop in to check our facebook page at Cupid struck.Share your views and ideas too!

Following are few gifts ideas for Valentine Day

Choclate Bouquet

Chocolate Shoes

Rainbow Cake

Silver embossed Champagne flutes



Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I am sure everyone is having a fantabulous week.Its almost mid-week( only 2 days for the oh-so-precious weekends).I am sticking to the new resolution which is posting regularly out here.So yayy another post from me(high five myself)..

When my sister and me saw this top-it was love at first sight.I have been looking for classy Baroque print dress but dint get anything so far.These pictures was taken after the shopping-the top is short to cut out as a dress,it might work with leggings or wollen tights but bangalore is very hot right now.So it will work as a top ;) I love creative layering.what about you?

Outfit details:
Top: Dazzle
Red peplum jacket: Forever 21
Watch: Aldo

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome 2014


Wishing Everyone a very happy & prosperous new year.I hope everyone had a crazy and safe NYE.For me and my friends it was a great NYE.My BF had planned a suprise for me,He asked the talented POOJA BAGARIA to make a NY dress for his lady.Well i love the dress and it came just before we headed to the party.Thank you both of you-I loved it :) I dint carry my camera so you can see fuzzy pictures taken with my phone.
P.s: We got featured on Deccan Chronicles yesterday :)

How was your NYE?

Dress Details:

Shoes:Forever New
Glass:Vincent Chase

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Adios 2013

Dear All,
Hope everyone got their party shoes on to bid 2013 goodbye.Well its had been an eventful year & i look forward for 2014.So speaking of 2014,do we have any new year resolutions? I seriously doubt my ability to stick to any resolution i made in past years so new rule for me-"If i wanna change something,it
s better to start new-right here,right now."

Speaking of year end,the pictures were from Camping i went with friends yesterday,not the rough cook yourself camping but it was camping with well spread buffet.Can you still call sleeping outside in a tent under starry beautiful sky with bonfire a "CAMPING"? Works fine by me :)

Outfit details:

Pants: Denizen
Bag: Westside
Neon Statement necklace: Manila,Philipines

Ciao 2013


Monday, September 30, 2013

Spring too far

Dear all,

I hope everyone had a great relaxing weekend.I sure did had my share of fun.
Heres a fun outfit with lots of black & rose floral print dress that i picked few hours before and i was so excited to try it out before hitting the bed( you may notice my tired face).Well keeping the post short as have work tomorow.See you soon.!

Dress Details:

Red Peplum jacket: Forever 21
Floral Dress:Inmark

Stay blessed :)